Surveillance service using ADS-B expanding

From 17th February 2021 the Icelandic ANSP Isavia, an established pioneer in the operational use of ADS-B for ATC service provision, enhanced its service with the Space Based ADS-B data provided by Aireon. Having operated a ground-based ADS-B surveillance corridor since 2012, Isavia has now a full ADS-B coverage of the Reykjavik FIR, spanning 5.4 million square kilometers. Read the press release here:
After one year and a half of operational trial of Advanced Surveillance-Enhanced Procedural Separation (ASEPS) using ADS-B in the NAT Region performed by NATS and NAV Canada, both ANSPs completed the operational implementation of ASEPS on 5th November 2020 with the endorsement of the new ASEPS separation minima by ICAO. Considering the currently reduced traffic due to the Covid-19 crisis,  NATS and NAV Canada are now going a step further towards gradually abandoning the Organised Track Structure system which dominated the routing of flights over the North Atlantic since early 1960s and replacing it with an implementation of the free routing concept, adapted to oceanic environment and enhanced with nearly radar-like surveillance service enabled by Aireon Space Based ADS-B. Thus, aircraft will be allowed to fly more efficient routes, saving fuel and reducing carbon emission. Read more at NATS blog here: