Operational implementation of ASEPS using ADS-B in the NAT Region

On 28 March 2019, an operational trial of Advanced Surveillance-Enhanced Procedural Separation (ASEPS) using ADS-B started in the NAT Region.

ASEPS allows to reduce longitudinal separation to 14NM and lateral separation to 19NM. ASEPS is based on the use of space-based ADS-B service and requires RNP4 and RCP240. With the new Amendment of the ICAO Procedures for Air Navigation Services – Air Traffic Management (PANS-ATM, Amdt. 9) applicable on 5 November 2020, the operational trial was successfully completed and the operational implementation of ASEPS using ADS-B has started.

(Ref: EUR/NAT 20-0485.TEC (NAE/CUP)