FAA drops Preflight Availability Prediction requirement for SA-Aware GPS receivers.

Tuesday 10th May 2022 FAA published a new policy statement no 2022-09936 (hyperlink 2022-09936.pdf ( which formalizes a temporary provision in the existing exemption 12555 that allowed operators with SA-Aware receivers to bypass the use of the prediction availability tool to satisfy the due diligence requirement under the FAR §91.103. FAA...

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21 May, 2022

Canada mandates ADS-B version 2 or higher (acc. DO-260B / ED-102A or higher) for their domestic airspace in two steps

NAV Canada announced to expand their current local ADS-B requirements to their full domestic area of responsibility in two steps. The required standard will be ADS-B version 2 or higher (see RTCA DO-260B and EUROCAE ED-102A or higher).  In the first phase, starting from 23 FEB 2023 the ADS-B...

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23 Feb, 2022

2021 ADS-B Ground Implementation and Best Practice now published

In December the implementation of ADS-B has marked one year since the date of applicability of the forward-fit provision in the amended SPI IR regulation, and airborne equipage has recently reached 90%. While the regulation does not carry an explicit requirement for ADS-B to be used in the ATC...

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03 Feb, 2022

ENAIRE certified provider of surveillance service using ADS-B

ASEA, the Spanish national aviation authority, approved the application by ENAIRE to be certified to provide surveillance using ADS-B. This will allow ENAIRE to commission into operations the several ADS-B systems already deployed, and to continue to roll out ADS-B sensors in the Spanish controlled airspace. SESAR Deployment Manager...

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28 Dec, 2021