Increasing number of ANSPs roll out ADS-B

ADS-B already in use on multiples sites in Spain

29 Jan 2020 – In a recent article published by International Airport Review, Nicolás Martín, Head of Navigation and Surveillance at ENAIRE, the leading air navigation and aeronautical information services provider in Spain, presents past progress, current use and future vision for ADS-B at ENAIRE.

Nicolás explains how ADS-B is already used in multiple sites to complement Mode S cooperative surveillance by providing an additional surveillance layer, contributing to improved tracking capability by mitigating some of the known side effects of radar based surveillance and providing surveillance beyond existing radar coverage. ENAIRE has concrete plans to roll out comprehensive ADS-B capability in its airspace by 2024.

SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) is delighted to see an increasing number of ANSPs making concrete steps towards leveraging the implementation of SPI IR in the airborne domain. SDM, supported by EUROCONTROL, is actively monitoring the ongoing implementation efforts by ENAIRE and other EU-based ANSPs and welcomes the emergence of best practices which undoubtedly will prove instrumental in broader adoption of ADS-B in other countries.

Substantial efforts were recently expended by airlines and their suppliers to accelerate the equipage rate, which at the end of 2019, reached 62% and it is a positive statement that the air navigation services providers are answering the call on the path towards harmonized implementation.