FAA drops Preflight Availability Prediction requirement for SA-Aware GPS receivers.

Tuesday 10th May 2022 FAA published a new policy statement no 2022-09936 (hyperlink 2022-09936.pdf (govinfo.gov)) which formalizes a temporary provision in the existing exemption 12555 that allowed operators with SA-Aware receivers to bypass the use of the prediction availability tool to satisfy the due diligence requirement under the FAR §91.103. FAA argues that, based on a data recording and analysis spanning seven years, GPS receivers with SA-Aware “consistently provide an equivalent availability to that of radar at 99.9 percent or greater operational availability”. The FAA accepts any residual risk associated with SA-Aware GPS receiver performance falling below the regulatory requirement. The new policy is effective immediately and applies to all operators of SA-Aware receivers, whether or not covered by the temporary Exemption 12555, sunset to 31 December 2024. Operators of SA-ON receivers should continue to perform the availability prediction check and may use the guidance contained in AC 90–114, ADS–B Operations.

Holders of Exemption 12555 must continue to meet the conditions and limitations associated with the exemption and are expected to revise applicable equipage plans to reflect any changes affected by policy contained in this document and submit revised plans to the FAA per conditions specified by the exemption.