EU ADS-B airborne equipage trend accelerating

Airborne equipage has doubled since October 2018 in the European Union. This trend is in line with the Airspace User’s plans reported to the SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM) which aims to reach full equipment in the European Union within the next few years.

According to the most recent planning data, the airborne equipage reached 40% in April 2019, an increase of 22% since October 2018 when the first data collection campaign by SESAR Deployment Manager was concluded.

The ADS-B programme, under execution by SDM and with support from Eurocontrol is monitoring the growth of airborne equipage in accordance with Surveillance Performance and Interoperability regulation (SPI IR). The Plan established that 70 to 75% equipage rate could be achieved in the EU registered, SPI-IR mandated fleet by the compliance deadline June 7th 2020. This figure is supported by the latest monitoring data provided by Eurocontrol which sets the proportion of airframes detected transmitting ADS-B Version 2 (Minimum Operational Performance Standards for 1090 MHz Extended Squitter ADS-B) at 40%.

ADS-B enables real-time traffic awareness to any suitably equipped party, such as air traffic control or other aircraft. ADS-B also provides the data infrastructure for inexpensive flight tracking, planning, and dispatch.