ED-102B /Do-260C out on public consultation

24 March 2020 – EUROCAE and RTCA have been working jointly in the development of the next ADS-B version (ED-102B/DO-260C) since January 2016. This new version supports ADS-B V2 ground and airborne equipment already in operations. From an operational perspective, ED-102B/DO-260C has been specified with primary objective to support the ADS-B IN “Advanced Interval Management” (A-IM) application that is planned to be implemented nationwide in the United States.

ED-102B/DO-260C development has been combined with the development of the next version of Mode S transponders (ED-73F/DO-181F). Several improvements have also been brought to these standards which significantly contribute to reduce 1090 MHz spectrum congestion.

The final review of both standards (Open Consultation for EUROCAE / Final Review and Comment for RTCA) starts today, 24Th March, and ends on 7th May 2020. The final publication is planned before the end of the year.