Canada mandates ADS-B version 2 or higher (acc. DO-260B / ED-102A or higher) for their domestic airspace in two steps

NAV Canada announced to expand their current local ADS-B requirements to their full domestic area of responsibility in two steps. The required standard will be ADS-B version 2 or higher (see RTCA DO-260B and EUROCAE ED-102A or higher). 

In the first phase, starting from 23 FEB 2023 the ADS-B version 2 or later will be required in airspaces above FL125 followed by a downward extension not before 2026; the exact shape and form of that mandate part is yet to be elaborated

The first phase will be introduced through changes in the Designated Airspace Handbook (DAH) . 

For more details, see NAV Canada website: