Air operators committed to sharing EU ADS-B implementation plans

According to the latest planning data aggregated by SESAR Deployment Manager (SDM), airspace users provided data for almost 60% of all EU-registered aircraft affected by the European ADS-B Regulation.

The ADS-B programme, under execution by SDM and with support from Eurocontrol, continues to interact with airspace users concerning their ADS-B implementation plans, following up on the request by the European Commission for operators to share their implementation plans with SDM.

By June 2019, 89 airspace user organizations have shared their planning data, representing 4558 aircraft, or approximately 59% of all EU-registered aircraft subject to the Regulation. Many individual airspace users and the airline associations, including A4E, IATA, ERA, EBAA and AIRE have all been actively supporting this challenging activity.

According to SESAR DM analysis, this combined fleet is responsible for around 85% of monthly instrument flight rules (IFR) movements.