2021 ADS-B Ground Implementation and Best Practice now published

In December the implementation of ADS-B has marked one year since the date of applicability of the forward-fit provision in the amended SPI IR regulation, and airborne equipage has recently reached 90%. While the regulation does not carry an explicit requirement for ADS-B to be used in the ATC systems, several European ANSPs have already launched local deployment and implementation initiatives. 
Throughout 2021, SESAR Deployment Manager together with EUROCONTROL embarked on a series of in-depth site visits with a select group of six ANSPs who had previously reported such implementation plans, or had established themselves pioneers of ADS-B use in ground systems. In ADS-B Ground Implementation and Best Practices, SESAR Deployment Manager is proud to present a comprehensive summary of these visits, including a synthesis of the associated state-of-the-art practices encountered, both in the technical and operational domains. On the occasion of the release of this report, SESAR Deployment Manager wishes to express its appreciation and gratitude to the involved ANSPs for their enthusiastic reception and support throughout the production of this document.